About Us

The principles at researchVIZ have decades of experience in market research.  We specialize in collection of quantitative and qualitative data, analysis and reporting.  Our goal is to produce quality market research that provides tremendous value to our clients. 


There is an old marketing mantra; Good, Fast, Cheap - Pick Two.  researchVIZ has made a slight change to this.  We will not ask you to pick two.  When you partner with us, you get all three.



Here are five key components that separate researchVIZ from other market research companies.


researchVIZ takes pride in the quality of our staff, the quailty of data we collect, the quality of analysis we perform and the quality of the final product delivered.  We are in the service industry, and all we have to hang our hat on is quality.  You will be delighted with every aspect of your research project, no questions asked.


Most online and telephone studies can be programmed and in the field within 24 hours.  Some online studies can start fielding the same day.  Once started, we have the resources necessary to meet your deadlines.  We know the number of interviewing hours or bandwidth necessary for every study.  If we have doubt that we can complete your study on time, we will turn down the work.  We are in the business to create relationships, not quick bucks.  We not only want to earn your work, we want to earn your respect.


We are always here for our clients.  You will be assigned a project manager who be available to address your needs any time, even after hours.  All project managers access their e-mail constantly via mobile devices, and in most cases, you will have their cell phone number.



Value means different things to different people.  At researchVIZ, we believe we have re-defined value.  We will exceed your expectations as a research supplier.  More important, we will exceed your expectations for total study cost.



researchVIZ has leveraged technology to improve data collection and data delivery. 


Below are some sample screenshots.


Online Charts

Report Quality Tables