What is The VIZ?

The VIZ is our way of bringing research to the masses, allowing users to visualize what the research is saying.  Your studies can be monitored online, real-time, by any member of your team.  No more waiting days or even weeks for fieldwork and analysis to be complete to make critical business decisions.  Your data becomes actionable as soon as your study begins.


This functionality is available for both online and telephone studies.

What can The VIZ do for you?

With our interactive online reporting system, you can perform numerous analyses and report functions.

  • Frequencies

  • Cross-tabs

  • Charts (pie, bar, columns, etc.)

  • Drill-downs

  • Dashboards

  • Custom reports with embedded tables and 



Our custom reports can be exported to many popular software formats for ease of distribution.  Tables and charts can be dropped directly into your reports for daily updates to your internal clients.